Our logo is based on the Egyptian god Thoth.
We think of him as the world's first Chief Technology Officer ...
ThothIn Egyptian mythology, as the crescent moon strongly resembles the curved beak of the ibis, the god of the moon was named Djehuty, meaning ibis. Thoth (pronounced "tot" and also spelled Toth, Thot or Thout), is the Greek name given to Djehuty. In his most recognizable form, Thoth was depicted in human form with the head of an ibis. Some pictures show him wearing a crown consisting of a crescent moon topped by a moon disk, while in others he's bare-headed.

The Moon not only provides light at night, allowing the time to still be measured without the sun, but its phases and prominence gave it a significant importance in early astrology/astronomy. The cycles of the moon also organized much of Egyptian society's civil, and religious, rituals, and events. Consequently, Thoth gradually became seen as a god of wisdom, magic, and the measurement, and regulation, of events, and of time.

Thoth was known by the ancient Egyptians as the inventor of writing he was the patron of scribes and was also considered to have been the scribe of the underworld. Also, he became credited as the inventor of the 365-day (rather than 360-day) calendar, it being said that he had won the extra 5 days by gambling with the moon in a game of dice for 1/72nd of its light (5 = 360/72).

Thoth played a crucial role in the design and orientation of temples and pyramids. He is credited as the inventor of astronomy, astrology, mathematics, engineering, botany, geometry and land surveying. By the end of the Egyptian period, he was was considered the patron god of all arts, sciences, and intellectual pursuits.

All that without a single computer!