Our fees include design, prototyping and final installation on your server. The fee discount schedule is based on the total number of pages agreed upon at initial contract signing. (Additional page-based discounts may be negotiated for major planned expansions/upgrades of your site).
Fees:* Additional Pages
Single Page
Six Pages
Twelve Pages
Twenty Pages
*Standard HTML pages--see below for pricing of Content Management sites

Dynamic Content Management
Database Data storage using Microsoft Access or SQL Server database. Price will vary depending on the number of tables and queries needed to store data for search and/or update.

MS Access Database: $300
SQL Server 2000 Database: $1,000

Estimate for database customization
furnished and agreed to in advance

Active Server Pages Dynamic data retrieval/update using Active Server Pages and FrontPage server extensions.

$150 per page

Up to 2 hours consultation with client concerning site design at no charge. Any telephone charges billed to client.

Additional consulting at our standard billing rate of $85 per hour.

Supplied by client on diskette. Limited to 200 words per Web page if not supplied on diskette. Web pages containing over 1,200 words may be subject to additional design fees, especially if they require a great deal of formatting.

Please note: Services do not include editing client text. Please supply it in the final form you want displayed on the Web.

Standard Graphics
Single Page Includes a custom-designed masthead incorporating any combination of your company logo, line, bullet, background.
Six pages
and up
Includes a custom-designed masthead incorporating any combination of your company logo, a top-of-page graphic, line, bullet, text or image map menu bar, background.
Static Data Display
One HTML table per page, up to 30 cells total. Additional tables $25 each plus any additional pages needed.
Photos and Custom Graphics
Standard fees include up to an average of four photos or graphics (other than the ones covered above) per Web page, client-supplied or client-selected from commercially available photo archives and clip art services. Client pays all license fees for photos or graphic images purchased for them.
Additional Photos/Custom Graphics
Placement of more than four photos/graphics per page average is $15 per picture. Additional customization of purchased graphics is billed at $85 per hour; estimate furnished and agreed to in advance.

Thumbnail/Large Photo Pairs
A "clickable" thumbnail photo loads a larger screen-size photo. $25 per pair if larger photo is placed on its own Web page. $15 per pair if larger photo is not on a Web page.

Response or E-mail Order Forms
Uses FrontPage form with up to twenty fields. Additional fields $2 each.
Single Page Not included – form is an additional $150.
Six Pages
and up
One form included in price – additional forms $60 plus any additional pages needed.
Fees include up to one hour per Web page for maintenance and updates over the first six months of the contract at no additional charge. Extra maintenance at our standard consulting rate of $85 per hour.

We offer service agreements at extremely reasonable rates for additional periods; alternatively, we will train your people to maintain the site at our standard consulting rate per hour.

Prices do not include ongoing ISP fees. Upon request, we will open an account for you with a web host who specializes in small business Web hosting and provides good prices and excellent service. Expect to pay between $10 and $35 monthly, depending upon the nature of your organization and your site’s particular requirements.

There are many services available to register your domain. IBIS uses 000Domains.com - they charge $13.50/year, and their Account Manager interface uses an ID/password structure to manage your domain, which is a great deal easier than the typical mail-from or PSP methods.