ThothDeveloping a web site worthy of your business, organization, school district or municipality takes more than technical skills. At IBIS Web Creations, we have over thirty years' experience developing innovative software solutions for clients in New Jersey and the New York metropolitan area. Now, we bring that expertise to small businesses, not-for-profit organizations, schools and municipalities looking to build attention-getting web sites that fit within their budgets, not just in the Northeast but nationwide.

For small businessesWe realize that your business is more than just a job. It's an image of yourself that you project to your customers and prospects; your web site should reflect your personal integrity as well as your product or service. We also realize that you need an affordable solution that looks as professional as the high-priced commercial sites.

For not-for-profits ...You may think limited financial resources prevent you from having a web site that really serves your members, volunteers, constituents or clients. WRONG! We will work with you to design and create a great site at a reasonable price, then train someone to take over the maintenance chores that can really cause the bills to pile up. We'll also show you how to attract site sponsors and carefully selected advertisers who can not only help pay the development cost for your site, they can raise money for your organization on an ongoing basis with little additional effort on your part. You can even begin accepting dues payments or registrations online, via credit card we'll show you how!

For school districts ...The pressure is on school districts today to provide timely communications to students, parents, staff and the community at large. We have provided a number of districts with the tools they need to keep their constituents informed on a timely basis. One of our web sites is the basis for one district's pandemic contingency plan, providing not only regular calendar and information functions, but also a fully functional assignment schedule which lets teachers post assignments and collateral materials online, just like at the large universities.

You're in control"Reasonable cost" doesn't mean we scrimp on the technology. We will build your site using the latest techniques and technologies appropriate to your requirements. We can provide you with an easy-to-use, web-based maintenance environment which allows you to update your site content from wherever you have access to a web browser, providing a non-technical way for you to update your site when you need to, without having to know any HTML, and without having to wait for a technical specialist. We also have many years' experience using the latest graphics software — including Flash for those desiring animation — to give your site the polished, professional appearance you want.

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